Hannah Hart of YouTube, everybody. For those who don’t know. Go check her out for some laughs and more great advice. You wont regret it.

Only tangentially related to our subject matter here, but important. <3 Stay strong, my dears. 

I don’t always feel super confident about my body, but I made a conscious effort to not care. I don’t like this part or that part and my skin is not very nice, but I decided long ago that I don’t care. You don’t have to love every part of yourself, but try not to hate yourself. Try not to think too much about it at all. Just take whatever meat suit you’ve got and accept it.

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This is for those who are curious and you all out in Ferguson. I’m going to be attaching some info graphics (one may seem needless due to circumstances but I’m adding it anyway.) I have some more info I’d like to put into a better to use format ( alot of them are screen grabs and I’d like to put in clearer and slur free language.) If you want me to send anything I got or any info I have ( I’m a Criminal Justice student) don’t hesitate to ask. 

I have seen a few of these but a post with them compiled may help more. I will be editing these as I get it all prepared I’ll use the Ferguson Protest Aid tag for any updates I do. Stay safe everyone.

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